WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging systems in the world and is an open source PHP software.

Wordpress table prefix

The Best Way to Change WordPress Default Database Table Prefix

Most of the new WordPress developers don't know what table prefix is and how important it is. So when they first time install WordPress, they keep default WordPress table prefix wp_. But it has...

How to Remove WordPress JSON REST API From Header (Details)

Do you want to remove WordPress JSON REST API to improve your website security? Then it is the right place. Today we will show you and discuss how to remove JSON REST...
Improve Security WordPress Site

The Best 20 Ways to Improve The Security of Your WordPress Site

How to Improve the Security of a WordPress site is an issue that every WordPress user needs to pay attention to. Every day google blacklist thousands of websites for security reasons. Source: Safe Browsing: malware...

Why WordPress Developers Create Free themes and plugins?

There are many free themes and plugins in the WordPress community, and many developers have participated. Today we will discuss why so many developers want to develop free WordPress themes and plugins. There are many reasons for...
Install Wordpress Plugins

How to Install WordPress Plugins The Best 3 Easy Ways

This tutorial is mainly for those who are unfamiliar with WordPress and do not know how to install WordPress plugins and themes properly. It is very simple. There are mainly three easy ways to...
Maintain wordpress website

8 Best Ways to Maintain Your WordPress Website on a Daily Basis

Maintain a WordPress website is not just about publishing content and designing a beautiful look Instead to ensure that WordPress runs as stable as possible. You need to maintain the WordPress website regularly. If...
Yandex Search Engine

How to Submit WordPress Site on Yandex Search Engine And Improve SEO

Yandex is the largest IT company in Russia. And it's essential to submit your WordPress site on Yandex Search Engine. There are four major search engines in the world, and Yandex is one of...
Install wordpress theme

The Best 3 Easy Ways to Install a WordPress Theme

Today we will show you how to install a Wordpress Theme. WordPress is a powerful CMS because of its good expansion and the support of numerous themes and plugins. Currently, it powered by 36%...
Wordpress Maintenance Mode

The Best 6 Useful WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

For a small change of your site may no need to use Wordpress maintenance mode. But if you want to change the core file or new theme, then it is necessary to use maintenance...
Install wordpress on linux

How to Install WordPress Locally on Linux Computer using XAMPP

Installing WordPress on your local computer will give you an eternal power to do anything on WordPress. Most of the developer install WordPress on Local computer to develop themes and plugins. What is XAMPP? XAMPP is...

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