WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging systems in the world and is an open source PHP software.


60+ Most Used WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Maximize Your Efficiency

Keyboard shortcuts are a very useful feature for any computer software. No matter whether it is a new user or a veteran, many WordPress users use the mouse to do some routine...
iot project

China launches two satellites for IoT project

Two satellites, Xingyun-2 01 and 02 are launched by a Kuaizhou-1A (KZ-1A) carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China, May 12, 2020. China on Tuesday sent two satellites...
block spam comments

How to block WordPress spam comments? or Disable Comments

Do you want to block spam comments in Your WordPress Site? Spam comment is an annoying thing for any web administrator. If you have enabled comments for your website then you have...
WordPress Emojis

How to Disable Emojis in WordPress For Better Performance

Do you want to disable emojis to speed up your WordPress Website? There are so many ways to improve the page speed of your WordPress site. One easy way to disable or...
remove powered by wordpress

Powered By WordPress: What is it And How to Remove it

Most of the free WordPress themes have a footer text "Powered By WordPress" and it is linked with the WordPress Official website. It’s good when the links lead to official sites, or...

WLWmanifest in WordPress: What it is And How to Disable it

WordPress's head section has so many unnecessary files. A new user doesn't know what is it actually. Today we will talk about the WLWmanifest static file. If you look at the source...
Wordpress site health

How to remove WordPress Site Health Status, Menu and Notifications

WordPress 5.1 has added a new site health status feature. After several major updates, this feature is now relatively complete, allowing you to clearly understand the site's security status and what areas need improvement. In most cases, the site health function is...
wordpress plugin

Best 3 WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Content From Theft

Do you want to protect your site content? If you feel that your website content is very valuable and does not want to be copied and taken away by others, you can...
Delete wordpress theme

How to Properly Delete Unused WordPress Theme

After installing a new theme, You may want to delete the older WordPress theme. You no need to become an expert for doing this easy task. But it requires some skills because...

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