Wordpress Plugin

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging systems in the world and is an open-source PHP software. Wordpress plugin library has almost 60,000 plugin which you can choose to use for your needs.

Maintain wordpress website

8 Best Ways to Maintain Your WordPress Website on a Daily Basis

Maintain a WordPress website is not just about publishing content and designing a beautiful look Instead to ensure that WordPress runs as stable as possible. You need to maintain the WordPress website regularly. If...
Yandex Search Engine

How to Submit WordPress Site on Yandex Search Engine And Improve SEO

Yandex is the largest IT company in Russia. And it's essential to submit your WordPress site on Yandex Search Engine. There are four major search engines in the world, and Yandex is one of...
Wordpress Maintenance Mode

The Best 6 Useful WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

For a small change of your site may no need to use Wordpress maintenance mode. But if you want to change the core file or new theme, then it is necessary to use maintenance...
Bing Webmaster Homepage

The Best Way to Submit Your WordPress Site On Bing

We already introduced you to how to submit your WordPress site on Google. Today we will show how to submit your WordPress site on Bing. Bing is the second most used search engine, and...
Submit Wordpress site on Google

3 Ways to Submit Your WordPress Site on Google Search Console

Maybe you have never realized there are three ways to submit your Wordpress site on Google Search Console. However, Today we will show you how to submit your Wordpress site on Google easily. Note: At...
Website is in blacklist

How to Check And What to do if Your Website is Blacklisted

On the Internet, credibility is everything. When your website is blacklisted, visitors will have a good reason to refuse access to your site. Because if visitors can't trust your website, they won't take a...
Disable full screen mode

How to disable Gutenberg editor’s fullscreen mode in WordPress 5.4

Today I will show you how to disable Gutenberg editor fullscreen mode in Wordpress 5.4. On March 31 WordPress 5.4 was released. And it is a major update in 2020. If you...
Wordpress svg image

How to upload SVG image to WordPress securely – TheBestWP

Are you having a problem with uploading SVG image on your Wordpress Website? Don't worry, this is a common problem because WordPress does not support uploading SVG by default, which is mainly for security...
speed up wordpress

How to Optimize And Speed Up WordPress Website (Ultimate Guide)

Today we will discuss how to optimize your Wordpress website and Speed up your Wordpress website. It is significant for your website, SEO, and Performance. Three most intuitive factors affect user experience: website speed, website...
Wordpress website loading speed

How to Optimize Images to Improve WordPress Website Loading Speed

Image optimization is an important thing because website loading speed depends on particularly images and others media. And speed loading influence the search engine. In order to attract more...

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