Wordpress Management

Wordpress website loading speed

How to Optimize Images to Improve WordPress Website Loading Speed

Image optimization is an important thing because website loading speed depends on particularly images and others media. And speed loading influence the search engine. In order to attract more...

What are WordPress Salts keys and How to use them Complete tutorial

WordPress Salts keys or authentication keys can enhance the security of your site by adding an extra layer of protection to your login credentials. If you already have a...

3 ways to modify your WordPress username

Many WordPress users like to use super public usernames such as admin, root, etc. In fact, there are security risks for this username, because many brute force attacks are aimed at cracking these usernames....
Wordpress Comments Management

Comments Management in WordPress Complete Tutorial

Wordpress has a comments management feature that gives you the chance to interact with your readers. The comment is a very important feature for blog type websites. Because there are so many...
Php Information

How to create a PHP info file and view PHP information

Today I am going to show you how you see PHP Information for your Wordpress Website. When we choose some WordPress themes or plugins, we may see that they will have some requirements on the PHP version...
Disable Wordpress Plugins

How to disable all WordPress plugins when unable to access Dashboard

How to disable Plugins: As a WordPress webmaster, you may encounter that you cannot access the WordPress dashboard anyway. You suspect that it may be caused by some WordPress plugins. At this time,...

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