Wordpress Management

block spam comments

How to block WordPress spam comments? or Disable Comments

Do you want to block spam comments in Your WordPress Site? Spam comment is an annoying thing for any web administrator. If you have enabled comments for your website then you have...
Wordpress site health

How to remove WordPress Site Health Status, Menu and Notifications

WordPress 5.1 has added a new site health status feature. After several major updates, this feature is now relatively complete, allowing you to clearly understand the site's security status and what areas need improvement. In most cases, the site health function is...
Improve Security WordPress Site

The Best 20 Ways to Improve The Security of Your WordPress Site

How to Improve the Security of a WordPress site is an issue that every WordPress user needs to pay attention to. Every day google blacklist thousands of websites for security reasons. Source: Safe Browsing: malware...
Maintain wordpress website

8 Best Ways to Maintain Your WordPress Website on a Daily Basis

Maintain a WordPress website is not just about publishing content and designing a beautiful look Instead to ensure that WordPress runs as stable as possible. You need to maintain the WordPress website regularly. If...
Install wordpress theme

The Best 3 Easy Ways to Install a WordPress Theme

Today we will show you how to install a Wordpress Theme. WordPress is a powerful CMS because of its good expansion and the support of numerous themes and plugins. Currently, it powered by 36%...
Wordpress Maintenance Mode

The Best 6 Useful WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

For a small change of your site may no need to use Wordpress maintenance mode. But if you want to change the core file or new theme, then it is necessary to use maintenance...
wordpress themes

What is The Impact of Changing WordPress Themes Frequently

Does Changing WordPress Themes Affect my website SEO Results? This is an important question. Because many newbies find Wordpress themes everywhere on the Internet, and they always think about which one suits for his...

How to Create & Use and update Tags In WordPress

Many WordPress newbies want to add a classification that is different from the category when publishing articles. The tags function in WordPress articles can meet your needs. This article briefly describes how to use Tags. Tags...
speed up wordpress

How to Optimize And Speed Up WordPress Website (Ultimate Guide)

Today we will discuss how to optimize your Wordpress website and Speed up your Wordpress website. It is significant for your website, SEO, and Performance. Three most intuitive factors affect user experience: website speed, website...

WordPress Security Scanner for known vulnerabilities

More than 35% of the world's websites use WordPress as the most popular and widely used open-source content management system (CMS). Of course, it must have higher security. The core WordPress files are indeed very secure. See...

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