There are many free themes and plugins in the WordPress community, and many developers have participated. Today we will discuss why so many developers want to develop free WordPress themes and plugins.

There are many reasons for this, and most people think that the direct benefits of this kind of free contribution from developers may not be visible. But the benefits of this seemingly free job are many, such as exposure, learning, cross-promotion, market testing, upselling opportunities, and increased visibility.

Give back to the community

Let’s start with a selfless reason: give back. For many years, we have stood on the shoulders of a dedicated WordPress community. And can enjoy many free WordPress plugins and themes, but these themes and plugins are not magic. For the benefit of everyone, developers need investing much time and effort to develop free themes and plugins.

As developers, we have gained a lot from other people’s free themes and plugins, which have saved us a lot of time in development. Therefore, we need to employ a small part of the time saved to develop something to keep the WordPress community thriving.

If you frequently find that some features of WordPress do not meet your needs. You can develop a plugin to make up for this defect and then give it back to the WordPress community for everyone to use. It is possible, the function of this plugin is minimal, but it may help many people. In the same way, other people’s small plugins may be helping you.

Learn and Improve Skill

Publishing your code publicly can be daunting. Your code will be peer-reviewed. But that’s a good thing, and it can keep you improving.

Wordpress free themes and plugins

Firstly, it forces you to adhere to the WordPress coding standard. You may learn some coding knowledge that you did not know before. You will receive suggestions and improvements from other developers. This will make it easier for everyone after you to implement your code, whether the code is on an open-source plugin or in a private project.

Secondly, if you disagree with WordPress, this exercise provides a way to join the discussion to modify our coding standards.  It is a living entity that is continually debated, expanded, and updated. If you want to join, you have the right to speak and vote.

Third, this will improve your code style, format, and performance. You can no longer hide behind the mantra “No one will see this.” There are no more band-aid fixes. This new level of coding may also infiltrate your projects. When the details disappear from your mind, and you have to go back to an older project, you will appreciate this even more.

Expose Yourself

Through the spread of free WordPress themes and plugins will give you a lot of opportunities to expose yourself, which may bring you unexpected gains.

First, you can gain a reputation from it. Every developer has a chance to earn status in the WordPress world by developing excellent WordPress themes and plugins, writing useful blogs, giving speeches, and giving back to the community. Once you have a reputation, various job opportunities and cooperation will follow one after another!

Besides, as WordPress developers, we can hardly prove our ability to potential customers, and there is no certificate or degree to prove it. Usually, all we have to stick to is reputation. If we have works in the WordPress repository, especially the themes or plugins with a high usage rate, this is a specific way to prove your coding meets certain standards and can provide useful solutions and support.

Promote Your Products

Even if you have developed some free WordPress themes or plugins, it does not mean all your work is free. You may have installed the plugin and saw a donation button, contact information, or promotion for premium plugins or themes after activation. You can use the welcome screen to promote the “Pro” version of the “Lite” plugin you added free in the repository or the premium version of the free theme.

Wordpress free themes and plugins

Or maybe you have a theme or plugin that can complement the free plugin you developed. Your free WordPress plugin is a great way to promote other products.

Create WordPress Themes And Plugins to See The Market Value

When you have a brilliant idea, and you want to know if it’s worth practicing and getting benefits. Creating free plugins for the WordPress resource library is a great way to measure interest and get feedback. If you are considering a free value-added model of a plugin, this is the first stop on your development path. You will get some purchase of the plugin from the WordPress user. This can help you assess whether it is worth continuing to develop the Professional or Advanced Edition.

If you are considering a free value-added model of a plugin, this is the first stop on your development path. Or you can reinvest this time in the development of the next excellent idea!


Whenever you encounter a problem and want to solve the problem, WordPress has a great forum to discuss anything about WordPress. Even if you require a team, then you can make from there. WordPress is a great place to start and explore yourself.

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