WordPress’s head section has so many unnecessary files. A new user doesn’t know what is it actually. Today we will talk about the WLWmanifest static file. If you look at the source code, you will see a lot of link tags that carry files and functions that are not needed by most users.

What is wlwmanifest in WordPress

WLW is an abbreviation that refers to Windows Live Writer. The wlw manifest link is the ability to edit articles on WordPress using the Windows Live Writer program, which is very popular among webmasters. This is how the link looks like the below picture and a line, DNS-prefetch is similarly loaded.

<link rel="wlwmanifest" type="application/wlwmanifest+xml" href="https://www.thebestwp.com/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml" />
Wlw header file
source. Worldmeter

Most of the users don’t use this function. If you don’t need this feature then delete to make the site code more flexible and understandable.

How to Remove WLWmanifest?

There are two ways to delete wlwmanifest from header files. You can use plugin or add some code to change this. Let’s see the both ways to delete this.

Use Plugin to delete wlwmanifest

So many plugins have in the WordPress library that can help you to delete wlwmanifest from the header. If you go to the WordPress plugin library and search wlwmanifest then you can find some plugins related to this topic. However, we have selected some most popular plugins to delete this.

If you don’t know how to install WordPress plugin then you can follow our guide to complete the task.

Remove wlwmanifest xml with Clearfy PRO

Clearfy is the most downloaded plugin in this topic. It has more than 100000+ active installations. Install and activate this plugin. Then go to Settings>Performance and turn on the wlwmanifest option.

Delete wlwmanifest from header

After the applied changes, wlwmanifest will disappear from thesource code.

Use WP Hide & Security Enhancer

WP Hide & Security Enhancer is an another awesome plugin to perform this. Install and activate it then go to Wp Hide>General/Html and set “YES” to Remove wlwmanifest Meta option.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer

It is recommended to check the site after each change because you need to carefully remove tags from the “head” of the site. I advise you to apply the instructions for the JSON REST API.

Remove link using code

Using the code in the function.php file, you can disable the output of wlwmanifest. We make the procedure through a child theme and using an FTP connection, so that in case of return functions back.

remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wlwmanifest_link' );
  • Go Appearance> Theme Editor
  • Select function.php
  • Paste the copied text down
  • Update

After the operations are done, the wlwmanifest line will probably disappear. In this article, we have tried to show you some ways to delete wlw from the header. You can anyway to delete the wlwmanifest.

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