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The first lesson of WordPress introduction introduced the WordPress website briefly. WordPress is an open-source, free website building program developed using PHP language and MySQL database. So to build a WordPress site, you need a hosting space that is capable of running PHP language and a MySQL database.

Some friends may ask, what is the hosting space, what is the MySQL database, and what are they used for? Let’s talk about it in your own words.

What is the hosting space? What is it for?

wordpress pluginsThe hosting provides two basic functions: storing files for the website and provides the environment in which the website runs. The hosting space mentioned here is actually a server connected to the public network, which is basically in operation 24 hours a day. The hard disk of the server can store website files; installing a system and environment in the server can run the website.

Types of Hosting:

1: Windows host, as its name implies, is a server version of Windows installed on the server, such as windows2003. This host usually uses its own IIS to configure the environment in which the website runs. Windows host, often referred to as the universal host on the market, supports website building programs written in ASP, PHP, and other languages. Of course, a MySQL database environment is also usually installed.

Note: Internet Information Services (IIS, Internet Information Services) is a basic Internet service based on Microsoft Windows provided by Microsoft Corporation. 

2: A Linux host is a host on which the Linux core system is installed. This host usually installs the three major components of Apache, MySQL, and PHP to set up an environment for running the website. The Linux host does not support languages ​​such as ASP, and generally only supports programs in the PHP language.

Choose a Windows or Linux host?

The main difference between the Windows host and the Linux host is the supported Languages. The former supports more languages, while the latter usually only supports PHP. Many friends who are new to building a website may not hesitate to choose Windows as the “omnipotent host”, but as a newcomer, I recommend using a Linux host to build WordPress. why?

The practice has proved that the PHP environment of the Linux host is more conducive to the efficient operation of PHP programs such as WordPress. And support for other functions required by WordPress is more perfect and runs more smoothly.

If you use a Windows host, you will find that running WordPress feels slow, and usually does not support pseudo-statics perfectly. And sometimes there is no way to use some plugins. although some problems can be achieved barely by modifying the configuration.

So, to use WordPress well, choose Linux hosting is the right way! !!

By the way, because the Windows host needs to purchase Microsoft copyright. The cost is higher, generally, there are fewer Windows hosts abroad, and it is very expensive.

What is a MySQL database? What is it for?

MySQL database is usually used to store PHP program data information, such as some WordPress configuration information, article data, etc. are stored in the MySQL database. Usually, we need to use PHPMyAdmin to operate the MySQL database, so the general host is installed with the phpMyadmin program.

How much space and database do I need to build a WordPress website?

Generally speaking, there are three options for hosting space: Shared hosting-> VPS-> server. For newbies or personal bloggers, it is recommended to buy Shared hosting first. Because the traffic on your website will not be very heavy during the initial stage of the website. A 200MB virtual host is enough for an ordinary blog for more than a year.

When purchasing a Linux host, there is usually one parameter, which is the monthly traffic. If there are not many blog posts, the daily traffic is within 300 IP, and generally, 6-10GB a month of traffic is fine. The MySQL database of a Linux host is generally used with the hosting space. The size of the MySQL database is already included in the virtual host and does not need to be purchased separately. Usually, within one year, the size of the MySQL database of a blog will not reach 10M.

Therefore, in the early days of setting up a blog, you can buy a 200M Linux host with 6-10G monthly traffic. The price of such a foreign host generally ranges from 30-200 Dollars/year. Plus a domain name of 2-20 Dollars/year, generally about 50-200 Dollar can build your independent blog!

If you want to just learn WordPress first and don’t plan to build a website as fast. Then you can install the PHP environment on your computer and build WordPress locally, so you don’t need to spend money so fast!

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