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Many people may not have heard of WordPress, or have heard wordpress Websites. But it is not clear what types of websites WordPress can be used for. Today, I want to talk to you briefly about what types of websites WordPress can be used to produce. Before that, I can give you a clear answer. WordPress can be used to build almost any type of website.

What is WordPress?

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What website can WordPress build?

As I said before, WordPress can build almost any type of website. Some complicated websites may require certain development experience and cost, which usually needs to be produced by a mature WordPress website company. But for most common websites relying on WordPress’s many themes and plugins. You can make them even if you don’t know the development technology.

Blog or personal website:

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and then quickly evolved into a powerful CMS. Those blog and personal website components haven’t disappeared in the past 12 years. They become more refined and mature. If you are creating a blog or personal website, then you will find that it works well with WordPress.

To build a blog or personal website using WordPress, you generally only need to find a WordPress theme. That can make you satisfy. Install it directly, and simply set it up. You can take a look at  WordPress themes.

Corporate Website:

Many companies are using WordPress to create powerful websites and make their businesses more powerful. WordPress provides the easiest way to create their business website. So they can easily launch a website and then use a WordPress website to grow their business.

Of course, to build a corporate website with a unique look, it is generally designed and produced by a mature WordPress website company. If the website design requirements are not very high, and the company has some technical personnel, use Avada or the domestic excellent WordPress corporate theme to build it by itself, it is also a cost-saving solution.

WordPress is used by more companies to build foreign trade websites. Because WordPress is a fantastic website development system and very SEO friendly. Especially Google has also proposed some targeted improvements and developed some SEO plugins for the WordPress community. So, if you plan to build a foreign trade website, choose WordPress as soon as possible.

Google plugins for wordpress websites
All Google plugins for WordPress

Avada is the most popular theme for the corporate website. You can try it.

E-commerce website:

If you want to build an eCommerce website then WordPress is perfect for you. WordPress has a popular plugin called WooCommerce. And it enables us to create payment gateway integrations, manage inventory, transportation, taxation, and keep all customer resources in our own mall website.

Portal Website:

Portal Websites are actually based on articles. And WordPress itself is a content management system. So that WordPress is the best choice for Portal websites. You can use some existing WordPress portal themes to build a good portal.

Software Recommendation Website:

A software-recommendation station is a website that recommends excellent software resources, such as niche software and other software worlds.

Q & A website:

WordPress provides the online Q & A site you need. You can build a thriving online community website in WordPress with the help of plugins. Such as yahoo Q & A, Stack exchange or Quora. I have recommended AnsPress and DW Question before you can build a simple Q & A community.

Non-profit website:

WordPress provides source code for free in ways you can change yourself. It provides an ideal solution for non-profit and welfare websites. They provide donation forms and payment integrations here. Many plugins make this easy. Would you like to raise funds from all institutions by using the PayPal plugin? Many free WordPress themes are available for churches, not-for-profit companies. You can find Not Profit Themes here.

Works display site:

When you want to show your work to the public or customers, choose WordPress without hesitation. WordPress provides many solutions for this, such as you can add a gallery, beautiful sliders. WordPress can be used to provide a very smooth and beautiful user experience for your product display website and make it easier for users who want to learn more about your work.

Online community:

You can use WordPress as an online forum. You can use BuddyPress, bbPress plugin to add all social functions on the website.

Coupon website:

When you want to earn affiliate commissions from hundreds of websites that offer discounts on specific products and services. You just need to create a coupon website using WordPress. It makes it easy to create add and manage coupons. Your users can vote, leave comments, and more. WordPress provides a better solution for coupon websites. The admin panel is perfectly suited for coupon sites.

Multilingual Website:

In WordPress, you can create websites in any language. And provide solutions for people of other languages. You can set the language in a geolocation wise way and provide easy ways to change the language. WordPress provides a plugin that can change the language of the entire website with a single click. You will see how easy it is to create a multilingual website. The most popular plugins for building multilingual websites are WPML, Polylang, qTranslate, etc.

Knowledge Base / Wiki Site:

Would you like to create a website like uploading a document with a knowledge base or like Wikipedia? Just choose WordPress and it comes with many plugins that can quickly turn your website into an easy-to-navigate website similar to a Wikipedia site.

Photography website:

When professional photographers are looking for a website to promote their business. They can choose WordPress to showcase it well. You can add galleries, albums, titles, slideshows and engaging content in it. In WordPress, You can find many photographer WordPress themes.

School or college website:

WordPress provides thousands of WordPress templates for schools and colleges. This is more secure and easier to manage.

Business Directory Website

The business directory is another high-demand service in the business world. WordPress provides some great ways to create great business directories by using plugins and building themes. You can create business directories in WordPress without restrictions.

Family blog:

WordPress is the ideal CMS for creating a great website for your home. Here we can easily create a wedding website, upload family photos and family gossip. WordPress can bring endless fun to all family members.

To Sum Up:

The above list is just some of the more common types of websites that WordPress can build. Since WordPress supports the REST API, it can interact more widely with other programming languages ​​or website building systems, and then develop websites with different needs. So, open WordPress is almost omnipotent, and the key is whether we have the ability to use it.

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