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We already introduced you to how to submit your WordPress site on Google. Today we will show how to submit your WordPress site on Bing. Bing is the second most used search engine, and Microsoft maintains it.

Why Should Submit Your Site on Bing?

Google is the most used search engine in the world. More than 90% of people use Google. And many people never use Bing. Therefore, it’s typical to ask yourself, why your website Should submit on Bing? There are some sufficient reasons to recognize about this.

  1. Bing is the Second most used search engine in the world. And as a webmaster, you need to submit all the search engines.
  2. Bing and Yahoo are together. Before coming to Google, Yahoo was the Best Search engine in the world.
  3. Bing is available in China. China has its search engine, and Google is banned in China. But Bing is used in China for English search. Therefore, it is necessary to submit your site on Bing If you don’t want to lose your traffic from China.
  4. Bing webmaster has its tools that can deliver you some good ideas. Some believe Bing possesses more tools than Google when others think the same.

However, as a webmaster, you should care for all search engines because you may want to receive your traffic from all countries.

How To Submit your site on Bing?

There are two ways to submit your WordPress site on Bing. But before submit any site, to search engine we must be certain something.


Before submitting your website, you should be sure that your site is ready to submit on the Search engine. Go your website settings>Reading and remember to uncheck “Search Engine Visibility.”

Search Engine visibility

We already said two ways to submit your site on Bing. So let’s see one by one.

1: Use plugins to submit site on Bing

Using plugin is the easiest way to submit your WordPress site on Bing. WordPress plugins give us more power and easy to do anything.

You can find some plugins to submit your site on Bing. Such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math, and so on. Among them, Yoast Seo is the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and we will use this for our tutorial.

Install and activate Yoast SEO first. You can download and install or from your admin panel go to Plugins>Add New then search Yoast SEO. And install and activate your plugin.

After activating, go to the WordPress admin panel. On the left side, you can see an option named SEO. Click this and go to Webmaster Tools.

Bing Webmaster on Yoast

Now Click Bing Webmaster Tools under the Bing Verification Code.

Bing Webmaster Homepage

If you have Microsoft Outlook account, then just Sign In. Otherwise, Click Sign Up to create a new account.

In this case, we have an account, and we will click Sign In.

Sign in to Bing

However, you can Sign In By Google and Facebook also.

Submit site on Bing

After Sign In, Then input your site to ‘Add a Site.’ And Click ADD.

Submit site on Bing

Here input your website XML sitemaps. As we are using Yoast SEO, so the address of the sitemap is

If you not created any sitemaps, then go to Yoast SEO and be sure.

Yoast SEO>Features, then Be sure your XML Sitemaps Are on.

Xml Sitemaps

However, After input you site, and XML Sitemaps then click ADD

Bing Verify

Now it will give you a verification code. And we need meta for this purpose. Copy the meta tag.

Submit site on Bing

Then paste it into the Yoast SEO Bing Verification Code. And Click Save. Now go back to Bing Webmaster tools and Click Verify.

Your site should be added and verify successfully. Now you have to wait for the crawl your website on Bing.

Like Google, you no need to add XML sitemaps again.

This is the simple and easiest way to add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools.

1: Manual Submission

There is another way to submit on Bing. Let’s see.

Go to Bing Webmaster Tools

Then Sign in or Sign Up.

And Add your site

Submit site on Bing webmaster

Then Add sitemaps and click ADD

Submit site on Bing

This time also almost the same, you can feel. But this time we won’t Yoast SEO. So we have to verify our site manually.

three way submission

There are three ways to verify your website. If one method fails then you can use another.

1: The first method is to upload a file in your website directory.

Submit site on Bing

Download the BingSiteAuth.xml file then upload it into your website directory file by using the file manager or FTP.

2: Add meta tags in your theme header file. Go to your website admin panel and Appearance>Theme Editor and find out the header file. Then paste meta tag inside <head></head> tag.

Submit site on Bing

As you can see the picture. Click save and then verify bing. This one also the easy way.

3: Number three, you have to add DNS records in your domain. So you have to go to your domain page and add this DNS.

But we don’t recommend this method because this one is a little boring.

I hope it will help you to understand the Bing webmaster, and you can use any method to submit your WordPress site on Bing. If you face any problem, then let us know.

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