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Maintain a WordPress website is not just about publishing content and designing a beautiful look Instead to ensure that WordPress runs as stable as possible. You need to maintain the WordPress website regularly. If you don’t pay attention, the speed of the site will be significantly reduced. Fortunately, WordPress maintenance is not difficult.

Today we are going to share the eight things that need to do every day to ensure your WordPress website is always up and running.


Backup Your Website

In WordPress maintenance tasks, backing up your website is crucial. It helps to improve the security of the website. Having a WordPress backup will be the most helpful when there are problems with the website.

For example, if the website crashes, you only need to restore it from the backup. If you accidentally delete important information or encounter compatibility issues with the plugin, you can restore it from backup. The website does require regular backups, and it is best to download it to your computer. Because the backup saved on the host space may also have problems, such as the entire server disk is broken, it is a tragedy! This way will help you greatly to maintain your WordPress Website.

Case Study

A client of ours has such good luck. The website was hosted on a Vultr server. A few days ago, he received an email from a service provider saying that the server where his site is located has failed and cannot recover data. He only redeployed a new server. He also said that he would compensate the server fee for half a month and let the website owner recover the data from the backup. Sadly, customers have never used their backup service (for a fee), and have never downloaded a website data backup. Then the whole website was done in vain, to find the version of the site that I want to customize before and get it again.

This is a real case, so website backup is crucial! It is generally recommended that if the service provider provides a backup function, it must be used even if a small fee is charged.

If your site is less than 1GB, then you can consider free backup plugins also. It can save your cost. There are so many backup plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Detect Page Loading Time

Page loading time plays a vital role in ensuring the visitor’s experience. If customers have to load the page for a long time, they may be frustrated and give up immediately. And it will result in a higher bounce rate and directly affect sales.

For your website, a load time of less than 2 seconds is best. When the website loading time exceeds this value, the longer the timeout period, the easier it is for users to exit the page. Therefore, you need to use a testing tool such as Pingdom Tools to test the page load. It is recommended to read the “best Speed Testing Tools: GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tool, WebPageTest “.

It is recommended to check the website loading speed at least once a month. If your page cannot be loaded quickly, you can follow How to optimize and speed up your WordPress website. Besides, if all available optimization methods are tried, it is still not ideal. You may need to consider whether a host server with poor quality or poor network connection is used.

Keep Update Plugins and Themes

Many people haven’t made necessary updates after the WordPress website is built, especially without technical support. They are worried that the update will cause the site to be abnormal. This is very undesirable.

If you do not regularly update the WordPress plugins and themes, you may start to have problems at some point. Because If the themes and plugins not be updated for a long time and there will be compatibility issues with the new version of WordPress. Not only that, outdated plugins and themes can also create vulnerabilities on your website, and hackers can use these vulnerabilities to inject malicious code. To avoid these problems, you only need to check the “Plugins” page, where you can see how many plugins need to be updated. The theme is the same.

You can use the auto-update feature in Jetpack Plugin. Jetpack is a must need a WordPress plugin. It can solve your update problem.

Go to Jetpack Settings>Security, and you can select which plugins you want to update automatically.

Maintain wordpress website

This is the most comfortable way to maintain your WordPress Website. And if you busy in the case also your site is updated. That’s great and tension free.

Delete Drafts and Trash

The longer you run the WordPress site, the more spam content, such as deleted articles, drafts articles, and spam comments. In some cases, this data will slow down the website. Therefore, it is best to clean it regularly.

Depending on how much content you publish each month, the frequency of cleaning should be different. Depending on the size of the site, in general, it can be cleaned once a month.

You can use Akismet for Spam comments. It will automatically detect spam comments and trash.

Check For Broken Links

Over time, most pages on your site contain broken links that point to pages in your domain or other sites on the Internet. If these links have been updated and moved to other URLs or deleted, they will no longer work. Broken links are a severe problem because they can dissatisfy visitors. If there are too many broken links on the website, users will think that the page has not been managed for a long time or is not updated regularly.

You can spend time manually checking every link on every page and article. However, if your website has a lot of content, it will not be feasible. It is recommended to use the Broken Link Checker plugin to check for broken links. This is an excellent WordPress maintenance plugin. After installing and activating you can find the broken links under the Settings Menu. Even it will show your dashboard.

Delete WordPress Cache

Website caching is the easiest way to speed up the WordPress website and improve performance to get visitors back. This method only helps the browser to keep a copy in its cache, so that it does not have to be reloaded every time the website is loaded.

Despite its convenience, you still need to clear the WordPress cache occasionally especially when there are significant updates on your site. Such as changing themes, plugins, and create new posts or pages. This will help all visitors to view the latest version of your website instead of the old version stored on their computers. If you have a cache plugin, this cache clearing is effortless, because most cache plugins have auto cache delete function.

If you haven’t used caching for your website, it’s time to use it because caching can significantly reduce the pressure on your server and speed up page loading.

You can consider any caching plugin to maintain your WordPress website.

Download any cache plugin which you or your theme prefer. Download link

Optimize Your WordPress Database

WordPress website stores data in a database. Every change you make on the website will be saved in the WordPress database table. The problem is that as the site expands, the database will grow, and there will be more and more junk data.

Therefore, it is best to clear this junk data. In other words, you will need to optimize the database. Here, we recommend that you optimize through the WordPress database optimization plugin. For example, WP-Optimize or WP-Sweep are good choices.

However, before doing any database optimization and cleaning operations, be sure to back up the database!

Update Password Regularly to Maintain WordPress Website

Although this is in the end, But it is also essential to update your password regularly. Especially when your website may have multiple people or maintains from numerous places. You may have saved an administrative account on someone else’s computer, or let someone log in to the background of the website, and there is an absolute risk!

Although there are many ways to protect your WordPress site, changing your password monthly is one of the easiest ways. This method is straightforward but very effective. It minimizes the risk of someone visiting your site. If you are worried about forgetting the new password, you can consider using some password management tools, or save the account information on your computer for backup.


Every successful website needs careful every day. WordPress maintenance requires a lot of effort behind the scenes, which ensures that your website runs as smoothly as possible.

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