Install wordpress on linux

Installing WordPress on your local computer will give you an eternal power to do anything on WordPress. Most of the developer install WordPress on Local computer to develop themes and plugins.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is an open-source free and most popular PHP development environment software. It allows to install Apache distribution such as MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. XAMPP is easy to install and use. You can use almost all the development software, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHPbb, and so on. You can see the full list here.

Is there any software like XAMPP?

Simple answer, “YES.” There are some other software also available to install WordPress on a local computer. The software is:

  • WAMP
  • MAMP

Among them, XAMPP is cross-platform. That means you can install Windows, Linux, and Mac OS also. And WAMP and MAMP are only for Windows and Mac OS. MAMP also has a pro version, but XAMPP is free.

What is The Requirement to Install WordPress?

Now WordPress version is 5.4. If you want to install this version, then you need

  • PHP version 7.3+
  • MySQL version 5.6+ or MariaDB version 10.1+
  • HTTPS support

You can use Apache and NGINX server to run WordPress. We recommend to use Linux hosting not to use Windows. But you can choose any hosting that supports PHP and MYSQL.

For installing, you can install PHP and MYSQL separately. But that’s not the right decision and need so much time.

What is LAMP?

LAMP refers to a group of abbreviation for the name of free software commonly used together to run dynamic websites or servers :

  • Linux: A popular open-source operating system.
  • Apache: webserver
  • MariaDB or MySQL: a database management system (or database server )
  • PHP, Perl or Python: programming language

Why Should Install WordPress on Local Computer?

There are some reasons to know why you need to install WordPress on a local computer. If you are a new developer or pro developer, that doesn’t matter. Now or later, you must need WordPress locally.

New users have tended to make a mistake. So it better to learn first before running a site on a live server. And installing WordPress on a local computer is the best solution. You can do anything as you wish—no need to worry about your readers.

After installing WordPress on a local computer, you no need internet. So anytime and anywhere, you can learn or test something.

Most of the developer do something on locally. They test and examine the problem before running on a live server.

How to Install XAMPP?

Before installing WordPress, you have to download XAMPP. At first, download XAMPP from Apachefriend. After going to the homepage, click Download XAMPP for Linux.

install wordpress using xampp

We will use the lastest version XAMPP 7.4.4

If you do not change your download directory, then it will save automatically on the download folder.

If you use the Linux Desktop version, then you can go directly to the download folder. Otherwise, you can use the command line.

Open your Linux command line.

Then type cd /Downloads. It will take you to the download directory.

install wordpress using xampp

Then type chmod +x it will make your downloaded file executable. Then enter.

If you download another version of XAMPP, then just change the version number. Linux has the power to detect your file. Just type chmod +x xampp then press Tab. It will automatically detect the record if there is no other file with the same name.

Now XAMPP file is ready to install. Then you have to input command for installation sudo ./

install wordpress using xampp

Input your password.

Now XAMPP window will open to installation. Now you have nothing to do without click NEXT.

install wordpress using xampp

Just click next sometimes, then it will finish installing.

Xampp install

Click finish, and it will open the XAMPP control panel.

Xampp control panel

You can keep this control panel or exit. But there is a problem because it won’t make any desktop icon.

How to open XAMPP

Open a command terminal and type cd /opt/lampp to go to the XAMPP directory.

Then input sudo ./manager-linux-x64.runto the command terminal.

Linux terminal

Press enter to open the XAMPP control panel.

Xampp control panel

Click manage servers. For installing WordPress, we just need MySQL Database and Apache Web Server. Click start from the right side. You can follow the above picture.

Now open your browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Type localhost/phpmyadmin/ to enter the database. We need to create a database to install WordPress.

Database is a server where all your WordPress site data will be stores, such as pictures, text, video, etc.


Input a name for the database. We use WordPress as the database name. You can use others to remember. Click Create.

Now your database should be created.

How to install WordPress?

You have successfully installed XAMPP and created a database. So you are ready to install WordPress.

Now go to WordPress official Website and download the WordPress file.

wordpress 5.4

The current version is WordPress 5.4. Download the file and extract it, then you can get a WordPress folder. Now copy this file and go to your linux root directory and cd /opt/lampp/htdocs paste this folder.

If you want to use the terminal to move the file, this directory, then input cp /opt/lampp/htdocs it will copy and paste the WordPress folder to the htdocs folder.

Now go the browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/. If you change the WordPress file name, then replace the WordPress name.

Now WordPress installation page will open.

Install wordpress

Select the preferred language and Continue.

Install wordpress

Click Let’s go!

Install wordpress

Now write the database name. I have given my database name as “wordpress.” If you change your database name, then provide that.

Then username for localhost is generally ‘root’ if you not change.

And we didn’t set any password for the database, so keep this field empty. And click “Submit.

Install wordpress

Now click “Run the installation”

Install wordpress

Now provide the site title as you wish. Set Username. And give a password. Click the ‘Install WordPress’


Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress on your local computer. Now click ‘Login’ to go to your admin panel. Or visit http://localhost/wordpress to see your website.

Now you are ready to use your WordPress website on your Linux Machine.

If you want to install WordPress, then follow this article on how to install WordPress Locally on your Windows PC.


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