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Today we will show you how to install a WordPress Theme. WordPress is a powerful CMS because of its good expansion and the support of numerous themes and plugins. Currently, it powered by 36% total online websites.

What is WordPress Theme?

In WordPress, a theme is a set of templates and style sheets used to define the appearance and display of a website built by WordPress.

“A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface that contains a basic unified design for blogs. These files are called template files. Themes modify the way the website is displayed without modifying the underlying software.”

From WordPress Website

They can be changed, managed, and added under the Appearance» theme in the WordPress management area. There are many free and paid WordPress themes available. has a large number of free in their theme directory.

Every website has a different design, layout, and function. And Users need to choose that suit their tastes and requirements. Some are specifically designed for specific types of websites. For example, WordPress photography themes are designed for photographers and photography websites.

You can modify them by adding plugins or adding code to the functions.php file. In addition to images and JavaScript files, the theme typically consists of three parts. The three parts represent the style.css file, the WordPress template file and an optional functions.php file, which can change the theme. Each theme must adopt a single style.css file. It does not mean the styles cannot be the same. But the identification information in the title needs to be different. Otherwise, problems will occur during the installation process. If it is not a child theme, then it also requires at least one index.php template files to control the display of content.

Note: You need a website to apply these methods. You can buy a domain hosting and install WordPress. Or to follow this tutorial you can install WordPress in your local computer also.

Important things to do before installing a new theme

There are some essential things you should follow before installing a new them.

  • Backup your Data: This is for your website security because if anything happens then, you can back to standard easily.
  • Apply Maintenance Mode: This is very important if you have so much visitor. Maintenance mode can help your readers to understand the situation.

How to Install a WordPress Theme?

We already said that there are three easiest ways to install a WordPress theme. So let’s dive into one by one.

Method 1: Search And install Theme From Admin panel

This is the most comfortable way to install a WordPress theme. And all templates are from WordPress official website. So there is no need to worry about malware or virus.

Currently, there are almost 4000 themes available in the WordPress theme directory. And all items are free. But premium also available. You can use more features when pay.

For installing a new theme go Appearance>Themes

wordpress theme library

And Click Add New.

Add new wordpress theme

Now you can see all the available themes. If you have any choice, then search your keywords or browse by categories. After choosing any theme, click the install button. By the way, don’t forget to see the preview. It will show how it looks like this theme.

Methods 2: Upload a New Theme

If you don’t want to install these WordPress free themes. Then you can upload your theme. There are so many free and premium WordPress theme market from where you can buy or free download any theme. So, in this case, you have to download the theme first.

Also, in some cases, you may not be able to install the theme by using the first method. Like China, you can’t use this method. So all you have to do download a theme from WordPress Official Theme Directory or Buy a premium Theme from Themeforest or another website.

Then go to Appearance>Themes And Click Add New

Upload new wordpress theme

Above categories list, you can see Upload Theme. Click here and Browse your downloaded theme. Then click Install Now to install the theme.

Method 3: Install WordPress Theme Using FTP or File Manager.

Go to your website root folder by using FTP or File manager then wp-content>themes. Here you can see all your installed theme. Now paste your downloaded theme and if zip file then unzip it.

Upload via ftp

After moving your theme don’t forget to delete the zip file. Because we no need this file. And this file will take some space.


How to Activate WordPress Theme?

You can use any method to install a new WordPress theme. After installing, you have to Activate it. Otherwise, you won’t change your site looks.

Go to Appearance>Themes, and you can find the newly installed theme. Now click Activate to use the theme.

Install wordpress theme

Now your theme will be activated. And you can use this theme.

After installing a theme, you have to customise some things because every theme has some unique options.

Check the homepage of your website and change as your wish.

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