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Does Changing WordPress Themes Affect my website SEO Results? This is an important question. Because many newbies find WordPress themes everywhere on the Internet, and they always think about which one suits for his website. Even they don’t know the result of changing Themes frequently.

WordPress is the number one Content management system. More than 35% of the websites are powered by WordPress. And with the help of WordPress, you can create almost any type of website.

Templates play an essential role in any website. The different webpage has different themes.

Today I will discuss this matter details. So let’s get started.

1: Increase website database spam, affect website opening speed

Because different theme templates, more or less, will add some tables or fields in the website database. And when you change the theme, you don’t know exactly where and what has been added. Even if you know the database of WordPress, it is more troublesome to view and delete. Therefore, the installed themes will leave some database junk, and more and more will be accumulated, which will affect the Wp database query and the website front-end call efficiency and affect the website opening speed.

2: Malware risk

Many new WordPress designers have tended to use free themes. And they find themes everywhere on the Internet. But many websites indeed provide free themes with some condition. And there is a great chance to hack your website, or they inject malware to your site.

3: Influence Search Engine Optimization

Do you know Google or other Search engine read your website code entirely? Especially HTML code help to rank our website on Google.

The change of the theme template means that the structure of the entire website (the HTML framework) has undergone a fundamental change. Occasionally, Seach Engines will punish short-term rankings. Imagine that you change themes every three to five months later. I am sure that if you go on like this, you should not think the website has a good ranking at all.

Every time you change the theme, you have to find the template, you have to understand the new template, you have to reset the template, and you have to spend a lot of effort. With free, I feel that the models are all inadequate. Those who use free themes and do not want to spend money. and if they are not satisfied with the new look, they change it.

4: Change Default Setting

Every time you change your themes, it will change your default setting. Such as metadata, permalink, etc. And it will affect your website very much.

Recommendation While Changing Themes

1: Backup Your Data

One of the crucial things is to backup your data while changing the theme. Backup data will save you from losing your content. Otherwise, you could lose your necessary data forever.

2: Consult Your Developer

If you are not a developer yourself, it is suggested to hire a professional Website developer who can help you to do all the processing for you. You can search on the Internet to find a perfect developer for your needs. There are so many freelancing websites and agencies that provide this service. Such as Freelancer.com, Odesk.com, and so on.

3: Use SEO Friendly Templates

Most of the beautiful and gorgeous looking themes won’t provide you SEO features. And even it could affect your SEO result. So it is suggested to use premium templates, which will give you a smooth and excellent experience for your websites.

Many websites sell premium themes. Among the Themeforest is the best.

In conclusion:

At the beginning of the construction of the site, the entire website content and data location layout model must be determined, and according to the model, find relevant templates. Such as free and paid. It is recommended not to use free themes. Paid templates can be updated continuously and can be customized according to your personal needs.

When changing templates, do not change the “Title, Keyword, Description” of the website, even if the structure of the site has changed. This is set in the early days.

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