How to write a post

Many WordPress newbies do not know how to write a post in WordPress correctly And how to edit an article or how to diversify edit text, font paragraphs. The WordPress editor is very powerful for everyone.

Today I will show you how to write a post in WordPress and how can you make your article beautiful.

There are two types of the editor has in WordPress. And they both have advantages and disadvantages. And they both are very powerful.

1: Block Editor:

The Gutenberg plugin first introduced block editor. But now all WordPress updated versions have block editor in defaults. It’s a new editor system.

Everything in your article count here as a block. Such as Paragraph block, Image Block, H1 Block, Table block or others. Everything a block here.

How to use block editor?

Go to Posts>Add New. Then your WordPress editor will open. Where you can write an article and post or anything. By default, it will open block editor.

Block editor actually will show you one paragraph as a block. And every block you can edit differently. So other blocks won’t be influenced by the current block. Currently, I am also using Block editor.

Wordpress block editor
Block Editor

Block Editor is very powerful and updated. You can do almost everything. It has similar functions to Microsoft Office.

Details About Block Editor.

  • All Block: In the upper left corner, you can see a plus icon. Here you will find all block available in the Block Editor.
  • Undo: You can undo your article.
  • Redo: For redo
  • Details: You can see an exclamation icon. And if you click here, you can view details about your current article. Such as Words, Heading, Paragraphs and how many blocks you are using now.
  • All blocks: This one will show you all the blocks you are using. And you can go any block from here. It’s beneficial when your article is big.

When you click on a block, it will give you the chance to edit or convert the current block to another. You can make your article bold, italic or add hyperlink.

You can move any block from up to down. Simple you can click a block, and you can see the left side of the block have up and down icon or in you can select and drag the block.

Block editor will give you more and more power to make an article beautiful.

Some Popular block

There are some popular blocks that we use almost every day, And you can add in your article.

  • Paragraph Block.
  • Image Block
  • H1 Block
  • Video Block
  • Audio Block
  • Quote Block
  • Code Block
  • Table Block

And there are many other blocks also available. I suggest you to try all yourself. And make your article structure beautiful.

2: Classic Editor

The classic editor is the official WordPress editor. It has Some necessary Editing tools. Now I have seen all new WordPress versions have classic editor also.

There are two ways to use the classic editor.

1: Classic editor by Block editor

Block editor has a block that is called Classic. So one article you can use block and classic both.

Wordpress Classic Editor
Classic Editor

If you click the upper left corner plus icon, you can see all block available in the block editor. Then search Classic And click classic. Now your current block will transform as classic editor.

2: Classic Editor Plugins:

If you want to use the only classic editor, you can add a plugin called Classic.

For installing go to Plugins>Add New then search Classic editor or go to this link and download and upload the plugins. After installing the plugin, activate it.

classic editor wordpress

The classic editor will provide you with the basic text editor. You can see the above picture. Then you can edit text, make bold, italic. And can add a list and quote and positon.

However, after installing the Classic editor, you can select which editor you want to use always.

Wordpress editor

Go to Settings>Writing, and you can Change editor for all users. Even when write also can change.

How To Post Article?

I have shown you how to write a post in WordPress correctly. And I think you have realised how to write a post. Now it’s time to publish your article. On the upper right side, you can see Publish Button. After finish the article writing, you can publish or draft your article. Before posting any article you can Preview.

Important things before publishing an article:

  • Select the Category
  • Set the tags
  • Set a Featured Image
  • Check the Excerpt
  • Check who can comment
  • Watch Preview
  • Review your article

All of the above things are important to publish an article. Readers only don’t see the article but also see how nice the post is.

When writing an article to be sure to satisfy your Yoast SEO plugin. It will show you how good your article is. And try to edit until you satisfy. Because it’s essential for SEO.

Share your view on which editor is best for you and why you think?

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