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Today we will discuss how to optimize your WordPress website and Speed up your WordPress website. It is significant for your website, SEO, and Performance.

Three most intuitive factors affect user experience: website speed, website content, and website features (appearance, operation, etc.). The speed of the website is always the first. If the website is too slow, the user will close the page without waiting for the website to open. Not only that, the website speed is too slow, it will also affect search engine ratings, without good rankings, there will be no traffic, there will be no Benefit and revenue you want.

So, site speed is very, very, very important!

Unfortunately, most websites perform poorly in terms of page speed, which has a direct negative impact on their conversions and revenue. From high-traffic WordPress sites to small blogs on low-cost shared hosting, you should optimize your WordPress and server to run as efficiently as possible.

You should be fully aware that long loading times can negatively impact your website. Equally important, you should first understand what is causing your website to slow down. The most likely cause of slow loading times and insufficient performance is poor website construction. 

However, the hosting provider and package you choose are also important factors. There are many important factors that slow down your Website.

To increase your website page loading speed, you first need to know the problems with your website and the solutions to those problems. Today, W want to share with you some important aspects of WordPress website speed optimization.


How to Detect WordPress website speed and performance

1: Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a Google-owned website. It was first introduced in 2018. PageSpeed Insights can provide different detection and optimization suggestions for PCs and mobile phones. The recommendations are very authoritative, and many of them are the latest performance improvement suggestions. It seems that the scores obtained from each test are slightly different for some reason.

You can any Pagespeed related question on Stackoverflow.

Speed up your website
Google page speed Insight

Check your website here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

2: GTmetrix

GTmetrix is an excellent website performance checking tool, which provides PageSpeed and YSlow detection results. The indicators are complete and subdivided. It is the preferred tool for website performance detection and optimization suggestions.

Website: https://gtmetrix.com

3: Pingdom

Pingdom is also a useful website performance detection tool, but the information provided is not as detailed as GTmetrix, and the scores and recommendations are closer to YSlow.

Website: https://tools.pingdom.com

In general, if we do website detection, we recommend GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights as their optimization suggestions are very detailed and highly operable. The reason why Pingdom is also recommended is because it can try out its advanced features for free for 14 days, such as 30-minute automatic detection, which is convenient for us to obtain detection results at different points in time and nodes.

4: Isitwp

Isitwp will give you an average page speed loading time. There is no mobile or PC speed. But the good thing is that it will show you all the critical sectors where you should change. Even it will show you every file of your website.

Website: Isitwp

All of the above tools directly enter the URL and click the button to get the result. However, we are going to give you some more general optimization suggestions. If you use it well, you can significantly improve the speed and performance of your website.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Speed

Choose a quality hosting service

When users visit a website, the hosting server will determine how quickly the information is delivered to them. Some servers are slow, or your plan may limit your maximum speed or allowed server resources. In short, your website will never be faster than your server allows. Choosing the right hosting server and hosting plan is one of the first and most important choices you should make for your website.

For example, the speed and performance of a computer depends on the hardware configuration, such as CPU, memory, and hard disk. If these hardware configurations are relatively low, no optimization method can be used to achieve significant performance improvements. Here are some suggestions

Important suggestions:

In addition to choosing a host, consider the following factors:

  • Choose a Linux hosting, don’t use windows!
  • Choose who provide PHP 7.0 or above (if PHP 7.2 or above is available, performance will be better)
  • Select MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • If the website has a certain amount of traffic (such as daily Visitors> 1000), it is recommended not to use cheap hosting. You can consider upgrading to use a cloud server.

Keep Update Themes, plugin, and WordPress Software

The latest software always gives the best performance. Recently WordPress 5.4 has released. So update your WordPress. The most important reason for updating the latest software is security. Because updates will ensure that your site is protected from the latest threats.

Delete Cache

Another way to speed up your WordPress website is to implement caching. In this way, when others visit the page, they can directly provide cached pages and data, which reduces the server resource consumption required to run the site, which can significantly speed up the operation of the website. The following cache plugins are recommended

WP Fastest Cache (recommended)

WP Super Cache (free cache plugin, recommended to use with Autoptimize )

W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket 

LiteSpeed Cache

You can try all of this plugin but don’t use all plugin together. Read this article to know more. Will WordPress plugin slow down your website?

In recent years, many cache plugins have appeared. You can compare them according to your needs. The above are all very good!

If it is a VPS or cloud server (more than 1G memory), it is recommended to use Opcache and Memcached server-side cache for better performance!

Images Optimization

Image is a necessary part of a website. It can’t be ignored. Sometimes image size becomes more massive than the other media. But Large file sizes can negatively impact load time and bandwidth usage, which can harm the overall user experience.

Image optimization is the process of compressing the image file size without significantly affecting the image quality. There are two ways to optimize your images.

1: Image optimizer Plugins: You can use plugins to compress your images. Best image optimizer plugins are suggested:

Try any of these to optimize your images.

2: Tinyimage: You can compress your image before uploading the website. I will save your image size. And I think it’s a better way to optimize images before uploading.

Optimize images to speed up your website.

You can download or save all images in the Dropbox.

Minify Code

Files loaded on the page (Html, CSS, JS, images, etc.) will cause an increase in the number of requests. It is recommended that delete or disable unnecessary js and CSS first, then merge and compress Html, js, and CSS. In addition to reducing the number of HTTP requests, compressing HTML, enabling Gzip, and lazy loading of CSS and js that are not necessary are also useful optimization methods.

You can use some plugins to minify HTML, CSS, and JS. List are below



These two are the best minify plugin. You can try anyone.

Use CDN to accelerate

CDN refers to A content delivery network or content distribution network. CDN provides servers in a different region. That’s means from wherever your site visit, it will use a server in that region. Such if someone visits your site from China, it will automatically use HongKong or Singapore server.

Each server contains a copy of your website that can be used to deliver your content faster to users worldwide. This will not only increase the speed of your site but also increase security. For websites with a certain amount of traffic, the CDN solution is the right choice.

You can try Cloudflare free CDN to speed up your website.

Delete Post Revision

Post revision can slow down your WordPress website. Every review take stores in the database. Eventually, more change means more space take on a database.

Post revision
Screenshot from WordPress Stackexchange

How to Delete WordPress Old Post Revision

I want to show you two easy ways to delete WordPress post revision.

You can limit your post revision by modifying the config.php file. Limit your post revision or No need any revision.

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3 );

Go to your website file directory and find wp-cofig.php then paste this code. This will only store three times a revision that will save your database.

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false );

Or you can set it false; then it won’t store any revision data.

And the second way is to delete WordPress old post revision by using plugins.

WP-Sweep can help you to delete your old post revision. And it also has many other features. But should be careful to remove anything.

Optimize Website From Cpanel

Some hosting companies provide optimized service. Like this website, use, Namecheap and they offer this service.

optimize 1

If you use Namecheap, then go to Cpanel, and under the software section, you can find Optimize Website. Click this

Optimize 2 1

Then check the Compress All Content and Update Settings. It will make your content compress before sending it to the Readers browser.

I hope your Hosting also provides some features for page optimization. Many hosting like Bluehost and Hostinger offer a caching system. That, too, can be helpful. Figure it out yourself.

Enable Lazy Load

Enable Lazy loading also has a significant impact on increasing website speed. There are so many plugins have in store, you can try one.

If you use premium Themes, there should have an option for enable or disable Lazy load.

Remove Font Awesome

There are so many times we use font awesome to change the font or using an icon. But it uses more space, but we use a little. If you don’t use it so much, delete it.

Removing Emojis

If you are not using Emoji, then no need to keep this. Because it use space background and reduce loading time. You can use plugins to remove Emoji.

Disable Emojis is recommended

Removing other scripts

Whatever theme you use, you may not use all features from the theme. So some unused features load all the time, and it impacts your website loading speed. Contact your web developer and remove the unnecessary code from the theme.

Remove Scripts by Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the best and must have a WordPress plugin. Jetpack deal with the brute force attack and show the stats of your website. But the scripts and the CSS that been loading by Jetpack are not necessary for this. So it’s recommended to remove them. You can remove them by adding some code to your functions.php file.

Go to your website file system and find functions.php then paste the below code and save.

// Remove Jetpack css

add_filter( 'jetpack_implode_frontend_css', '__return_false', 99 );
// Remove Devicepx script 
function jeherve_dequeue_devicepx() {
   wp_dequeue_script( 'devicepx' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'jeherve_dequeue_devicepx' );

It is suggested to backup your website.

Mobile Optimization

Now more than 51% of internet users come from mobile (Report Statista). In 2019 more than 267 million people used the internet from mobile phones in America.

When you used Google PageSpeed Insight, you may have seen it shows mobile page speed also. Google ranks better on which website can access from mobile faster than others.

Use Google AMP plugin and Mobile optimized theme for better speed.

Use SEO Friendly Theme

SEO friendly themes are always optimized for SEO. And their code is clean and gives better speed. You can see SEO friendly themes on Themeforest.

Avoid Using Animation

Animation and video files always take more space than other media. And it takes time to load. As a result, your website has a great chance to take more time in loading.

So it recommended to avoid video and animation files. If you want to use video or animation, then use YouTube or other services. Then link it with your website.

Summaries The Articles:

In default, WordPress shows the full article. And full article will take more time to load your website.

The Internet is full of information. So that readers do not wait for a single website because they can find other.

Go to Settings>Reading and check For each post in a feed, include. Check the Summary and save your loading time.

Show Fewer Posts:

If your website is still slower, then Go to Setting>Reading and set to show fewer posts on your homepage. However, it is not recommended to do. But if your website is really slow, then it could be helpful.

Use Post Pagination:

When an article or page is so big. Such as two pages or three pages. Then use pagination. Because longer articles have tended to load slow.

Break Comment Into Pages:

If your website has so many comments, that’s a high signal. Because comment is a way to interact with the readers. But more comments slow down your page speed. So use pagination or show like famous comment or recent comment.

Comments split
Split comments

Go to Setting>Discussion then set how many comments want to show. You can set the latest or older comment to show. The Save changes.

Delete Unused Plugins:

Plugins give WordPress site to add more features. But do you know all the plugins insert some code into your website? If it is not changing the Front-end, also it takes some space and load on the background. So it good practice to remove unused plugins. And should keep the necessary plugins.

Remove Unused Themes:

WordPress will install four themes when first install. Delete the other three themes without the active one. It will save some space and will impact page speed.

Delete Trash:

Trash is the garbage of your website. When you delete any post, comment, page, or anything, it goes to the trash. If you no need these things, then delete it.

Delete Social Button Plugin:

WordPress 5.4 has introduced Social button

Wordpress Social Icons
WordPress Social Icons

So why should we use an extra plugin to add social sharing? As I said, all plugin input some code and slow down your website. Always try to use a fewer number of plugins.

Don’t Change Themes Frequently

More or less, all WordPress themes add some features to your website. Such as tables, Blocks, and create a new table in the database. As I said details, What is The Impact of Changing WordPress Themes Frequently. It is suggested not to change themes frequently. And If you change the theme, use the same feature as like current themes. After changing themes, clear the cache.

The Simpler The Better:

There is a proverb, “The Simpler The Better.” I want to give you an example. How many search engines did you use?

I tell you some most popular Search engines name—Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Yandex, and so on.

But why is Google the best search engine?

Well, Google is simple but powerful. And Google has a robot that can crawl web pages better than others.

So My advice is to keep the front-end clean and straightforward.

When Should Worry About The Page Speed?

This is a good question. Because everyone says to speed up your website, but for some days, We have tested so many popular sites. But it is true that most of the websites page speed, not more than 80.

Even GTmetrix who provide page speed test that also speed not 100.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website
Google page speed insight

Is it funny, huh! Who provides page speed their page speed even not 100.

Google speed

You can see even Google page speed also not 100.

So when Should you worry about the page speed?

Honestly, there is no proper answer to this question because most of the professional web developer says as fast as can.

But I have found that if your website loading speed is more than 2 seconds, then you should optimize your page speed.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website
Google page speed

But if it less than 2 Seconds then don’t worry. Just publish quality articles and promote your website. Remember, Quality article is the king of your website. And Google and other search engines are always trying to find quality articles for their users.

Is It Possible to make Website Page Speed 100?

The simple answer is “YES.” If you follow this guide on how to speed up Your WordPress website, then page speed can be 100. Recently one man was posted on Stackoverflow about this.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website

If your website has clean code, Hosting good company, and other factors also okay, then it can be score 100. But keeping 100 for always is a great challenge. Because when more and more users come to your site, it must be slow a little.

The performance and speed of a WordPress website is critical to the website. You can use the detection tool to detect website problems and then follow the WordPress website optimization suggestions above to Speed up your website. You should get a good result! Website optimization is a long-term implementation process, and TheBestWP also needs to be continuously optimized and improved!

We believe in quality Tutorial. Our main aim is to give you a better service. We have tried to provide you with a full guideline to speed up your WordPress website. We hope it is helpful for you. Our advice is to try to backup your website before any significant change.

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