WordPress login hints

Another vulnerability in WordPress is the login hints for entering the admin panel. If the hacker starts searching the username and password he can easily found the Username. I have seen so many new web developers keep the same username as website name or just use common usernames like admin. The hackers only need to crack the password.

What is WordPress Login Hints?

Did you ever give any wrong password to enter your admin panel? When a user gives username and password if the password wrong then WordPress shows a message that says username correct but the password is wrong. It makes a hacker guess the username or email. 

Wordpress login tips

Why do we need to show the attackers that they are great and correctly selected the login username? We need to immediately hide the suggestive text not to facilitate the hackers to hack our website.

From WordPress 4.5, you can use email or username to login WordPress admin panel. So if the hackers try sometime then he can easily find the username or email. This maybe not a big deal for many users. But if you are cautions about your website security and your information then this can be a problem.

For better security you should use uncommon username that is not similar to the website name or common name. And should use password with the letter,number, and special character.

Security should be one of the main concerns because after creating and doing so much work if the site hack then it is invaluable and a waste of time.

Delete WordPress login tips with plugin

There are some plugins that can hide this login hints. Plugins are easy to use and maintain for new users. We will show you both ways plugin and manual.

Use Clearfy Plugin

Clearfy is an awesome plugin to hide this. Also, it provides some other security to the WordPress website. Install and activate the plugin. You can follow how to install a WordPress plugin.

In the Clearfy plugin,you can disable it in one click. We go to the Settings>Clearfy Menu>Defence and select “Hide errors when logging into the site”. Then save the setting and it will hide the login hints from login page.

Login hints in WordPress

Now log out from the admin panel and input the wrong password. It won’t show any login hints and hackers can’t guess the login username.

login hits

You can see it shows a message “ERROR: Wrong login or password”. That’s means no one can predict the username anymore.

Login LockDown plugin to hide login hints


The old, but proven login lockdown plugin will help to hide the inscription hints in case of incorrect entry at the entrance to the WordPress admin area.

The principle of operation is similar to the previous plugin, but it performs only one function. It protects the admin panel from hackers. This plugin has more than 100,000+ active installations. But it is not tested with the WordPress latest version.

Hide Login Hints Manually

If you only want to hide the login hints then you can insert a little code inside your WordPress theme functions.php file. It is good practice to use manual way to perform only thing.

function no_hints()