Install Wordpress Plugins

This tutorial is mainly for those who are unfamiliar with WordPress and do not know how to install WordPress plugins and themes properly. It is very simple. There are mainly three easy ways to install WordPress plugins correctly. And we will discuss all the methods details.

In the process of using WordPress to develop a website, we will more or less use WordPress plugins. There are mainly three easy ways to install WordPress plugins. Today, we will show you how to install WordPress plugins. (Only introduces how to install the WordPress plugins, does not involve how to configure the plugin).

What is WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugin is an extension or component that instantly adds various functions to the WordPress Site. By installing multiple plugins to the WordPress program, it can include more features to your Site. You can indeed develop new plugins according to the WordPress interface.

Method 1: Search and install WordPress plugins in the background

Log in to the WordPress website background >> Plugins >> Add New>> Enter your keywords. Such as you want to W3 Total Cache plugin and press Enter to search for the W3 Total Cache plugin. Click the Install Now button in the upper right corner of the plugin. And wait for a moment to successfully install then click the Activate plugin. See the following figure for details. install wordpress plugins

Method 2: Upload and install a WordPress plugin in the background

To apply this method, you need to have already a plugin that you need. You can download plugins from the WordPress Plugins directory or buy premium plugins. Such as Codecanon.

1: Go to the WordPress Plugin Directory and search for “W3 Total Cache” to find the corresponding plugin introduction page. See the following figure for details. install wordpress plugins

There are more websites to download free and premium WordPress plugins. But almost all popular plugins you can find in the WordPress Plugin Directories. However, if you need other plugins or you want to install your plugin, then this method can be perfect for you.

2. Click the Download button on the W3 Total Cache to download the plugin installation package. See the following figure for details:

download wordpress plugins

3. Log in to the WordPress website background >> Plugins >> Add New>> Click the Upload plugin button at the top. Click Browse file icon and select the plugin installation package we downloaded in step 2 >> Click Install now and wait a moment to install successfully. Just activate the plugin.

Method 3: FTP Upload and Install WordPress plugin

1. This method is the same as method two but you have to upload the Cpanel. Download the plugin installation package like method 2.

2. Upload the plugin installation package to the wp-content / plugins/folder via FTP or File Manager from Cpanel. But don’t forget to unzip it and then delete the zip folder.

3. Log in to the WordPress website background >> Plugins >> Installed plugins >> Find the plugin uploaded in step 2 and click the “Activate” button. Now your plugin should be activated.

In Conclusion

The installation of WordPress plugins is relatively simple. In most cases, we recommend that you take the first method to install WordPress plugins, which is simple and straightforward. However, sometimes some websites directly search for plugins in the background to install plugins display failure. In this case, we can completely upload and install through method two. As for method three, it is generally recommended to use it only when the previous two methods fail. However, there is no perfect way, only the most suitable method for you. So you only need to use your favorite method to install the WordPress plugins.

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