Search Engine Optimization

Google index a website based on some factors. Different search engines have their preferences, which affect the indexing of the website. Google also has its own set of algorithms and rules. Following these rules will help Google find your site, index it, and rank.

When your website was first built, it was like a drop in the ocean. The Google spider might crawl back tomorrow, or next month, so you have to take the initiative to tell Google that you have created a new website.

Follow this article to submit your website on Google Seach Console.

 Google uses sitemaps to understand the structure of your website and improve the coverage of your pages.

How to let Google know about your website

Before submitting a website, you have to let Google know what your website does, what the main keywords are so that Google can accurately show your website to users who search for those keywords.

  • Make sure each page of the website contains the main keywords
  • Ensure that title, and alt tags are descriptive and specific and accurate
  • Let the website have a clear and conceptual page hierarchy, that is, reasonable navigation.
  • Let Google crawl all website resources that may significantly affect the rendering of web pages, such as CSS and JavaScript files.

How to ensure the quality of the website

The quality here is not just about what you want to provide to users, but also covers common behaviors and various SEO black hat technologies, unless you can find a cheating method that Google doesn’t know about itself.

If you use cheating tactics, it may not only be detected by Google but may also be reported by other Search Engines. If you violate some rules, it may cause the corresponding website to be removed entirely from the Google index or create the system. The algorithm automatically and manually identifies your website as a junk website, in which case the website will be useless.

Google will not allow to provide useless spam to users.

How to make a website stand out

Most search engines like sites with different original content, as does Google. You have to think about what makes your website unique, valuable, and profitable, make your website outstanding in the corresponding field, useful user experience data, and the indexing and ranking of website pages will also become better.

How to get the site included

Google’s inclusion rules seem to be the same as no rules, but if you have been doing SEO, you will still slowly gather your own experience. Some rules are relatively mature and stable. As long as you can do well, the web page is included. It’s a matter of minutes.

Meaningless keywords

Google emphasizes that the title and the content of the website echo each other. The keywords that appear in the title do not exist on the page, and they will be considered cheating by search engines.

It’s also wrong to put in meaningless content and put keywords in it.

Of course, it does not mean that the words that appear in the title must appear in the content to have the so-called relevance. The specific implementation is still very different. The critical point is to pay attention to the number of keywords in the content to avoid being searched. The engine identified the keywords as malicious stacking.

Malicious Content

The content of the opened page is not the page you want to see, but further automatically jumps to other pages that are not clicked by the user. This behavior is also cheating.

Whether the website content is duplicate

Search engines like fresh content. If the new site is pseudo-original or plagiarized content, I believe Google will not be too good for you.

Therefore, to do website content, we must pay attention to the original content.

Links inside and outside the Site

Don’t have too many links on the same page on the site. List essential things on the site map instead of adding all the insignificant details. If there are too many links, the result may be Cannot be included typically.

Friendly links pay attention to quality and quantity, do not exchange friend chains with spam sites. The result is that your website is also negatively affected. At the same time, you must also learn to analyze whether the other party’s site uses cheating and is suitable for your site and many more.

In short, change is not the same as the old saying—search engines like originality and difference. As long as you can coax it in this direction, many things will become easy.


All the search engines find a quality article for their users. If your article has quality, then Google will index it very quickly.

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