Today I will show you how to edit media. Because many WordPress newbies upload media libraries And don’t do everything properly. Such as they don’t know how to set image alt-tag, descriptions or names, etc.

After inserting the media picture you may want to change the picture name, size,alt-tag, etc. The WordPress media library comes with support for editing picture functions, which can meet the needs of developers for picture modification. This article describes the editing function of the WordPress media library in detail.

Here are the steps to edit the media in WordPress.

How to Edit WordPress Media?

Here media means not only pictures or images but also video and other file formats.

Login your WordPress admin panel then Media>Library

How to edit media in wordpress
Media gallery

Click the file you want to edit in the media library. And the media-editing page will pop up. There are several options at the bottom right of the media-editing page. You can edit media files by clicking these options. See details below

How to edit media in wordpress
Edit details of the image

WordPress media editor in detail

  • Alternative text: Alt text for the image that describes the media. Setting this ALT_TAG for media files is very important for SEO (recommended setting).
  • Title: A brief description of the media.
  • Description: A description of your media file.
  • Delete Permanently: Delete your media files permanently.
  • Uploaded By: Who uploaded the picture.
  • Uploaded To. Which article or page has attached this picture.
  • Copy link: To see the media file.
  • Delete Permanently: You can delete your media forever.

How to Edit Image:

You may have noticed that under the image has a button “Edit Image”. If can click this button if you want to edit this image.

How to edit media in wordpress
Edit media

This will allow you to crop your image, rotate and give the size. When you are finished editing the required fields, click the Update button to save the changes made to the image.

These are the basic things that WordPress allows us to do after upload our media.

However, You can find more image editing plugins in the WordPress plugins library. But don’t overuse the plugins you can read this article to be careful.

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