Disable Wordpress Plugins

How to disable Plugins: As a WordPress webmaster, you may encounter that you cannot access the WordPress dashboard anyway. You suspect that it may be caused by some WordPress plugins. At this time, what do you do if you want to disable all plugins?

Method 1: Operation via FTP or file management

As the website admin panel is no longer accessible, we can only disable the WordPress plugin through FTP or the server file manager. The specific method is as follows:

Access your site’s wp-content directory using FTP or a file manager. Rename The plugins folder to something else, such as “plugins123”, so that you can disable all plug-ins.

File manager
file manager from cpanel
wp-content for disable plugins
Rename Plugins
Rename the plugins as you wish

How to Find Which Plugin Cause Problem?

If you want to continue to find plugins that may have problems, follow these steps:

1. Try to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/ access and log in to the admin panel through the URL. If this solves the problem, it means that there is a problem with your plugin. All we need to do now is find the exact culprit.

2. Change the “plugins123” folder back to the original name plugins. This way, WordPress can re-access your plugins, but all plugins are still inactive. So don’t worry.

3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to  Plugins> Installed Plugins, activate one plugin at a time, and refresh the website. If a 503 error occurs after activating a plugin, it means that this plugin is causing an error.

Disable Plugins Through Ftp or File Manager:

Via FTP or file manager, visit the wp-content>plugins directory and delete the plugins.

Method 2: Disable plugins through the database

Most of the host spaces now provide database management interfaces like phpMyAdmin. After logging in to phpMyAdmin, enter the corresponding database:


And then proceeds to wp_optionsthe table, then click on Search:

Disable wordpress plugins

In the search form that appears, we option_nameenter active_plugins, then click “GO“.

Disable wordpress plugins
Search active_plugins

In this way, we found the field that holds the data of the installed plug-in. Click on the edit.

disable wordpress plugins

In the form of option_valuea field, its value is modified a:0:{}, and then click Go:

disable plugins

At this point, all plugins have been disabled. I have to say, method 1 is relatively simple. However, it’s Up to you.

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