Many WordPress newbies want to add a classification that is different from the category when publishing articles. The tags function in WordPress articles can meet your needs.

This article briefly describes how to use Tags. Tags are small pieces of information attached to the main content or article for identification. It tells visitors what this post is. If the label is mentioned correctly, then it is easy to find the content for readers.

All websites use tags to separate posts. Using tags to describe the nature of the article, readers can use tags to distinguish whether they want to read the article

Here are the steps to add tags in WordPress.

How To Add New Tags?

From the WordPress admin panel click Posts>tags

Wordpress tags management
Tag description

Follow the steps above to get into the WordPress “tags” page. On the left side of the page is a form for adding tags. And on the right side of the page are all the tags that have been added to the site

Wordpress tags management
Create tags in WordPress

Tag Details

  • Name: Name For the tag
  • Slug: Provide slug for your tag. If you give uppercase, also it will automatically convert into lowercase. if not set, then the name will be used for display. So don’t worry.
  • Description: A brief summary of the tag to help understand the purpose of the label.

How to Edit Tags?

After creating tags, you may want to change something such as description. So you can do it.

Edit tag 1

Click Edit as shown above picture to edit the tag.

Wordpress tags management
Edit tags

Now you will find a full editor where you can set Image for your tag and can edit your description with full editor panel.

But don’t worry about the Yoast SEO plugin here. I show you how to install the Yoast SEO Plugin and setting. You can see the article.

How To Use Tag In the Post?

We already created the Tags; Now we should know how we can add tags to the article?

We enter the article editing page, and the tags are added under the category on the right. Enter the tags we set into the text box and use Comma to use it. If you need to add multiple labels, Use Comma after the tag. Details are shown below

Wordpress tags management
Add tag in the post

Then you finished adding tags. After fulfilling all the requirements, you can publish the article.

How to Go tag Page:

You can go tag page By writhing www.yoursite.com/tag/tag-name

The tag name which you have created. And after every word should use – (Underscore).

Such as www.thebestwp.com/tag/wordpress-getting-started

How to Delete Any Tag

Sometimes you may need to delete the tag. You can simply click delete to delete any tag. Or you can select more tag at a time.

delete tag 1

If you want to delete one tag, click delete under the tag. For more, select and top or bottom select “Delete” then click Apply.

You can set how many tags want to see one page. Click Screen Options and Pagination then give your preferred number and Apply.

Convert Tag to Category

WordPress is the number one CMS because of easy use. It will give you full power to do anything.

You can convert your tag as a Category. In the bottom of the tag page, you can see “tag to category converter.”

Convert tags to categories
Convert tags to categories

Click “tag to category converter“. It will take you another page. This is a plugin which will help you to convert tag to category or category to tag.

Convert tags to categories
Convert tags to categories

Click Install Now to install the plugin.

Convert tags to categories

After installing click Run importer.

Convert tags to categories
Check which one you want to change

On this page, you select what you want to change. If you want to change the tag to a category, then click Tags to Categories or Categories to Tags. Then click the below button.

Convert tags to categories

Now You have changed successfully.

We know most of the people use tag or category simple way. But we tried to give you details about this topic. Now it’s your wish how you will use tags.

I hope it will help you to know WordPress better.

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