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Today I am going to show you how you see PHP Information for your WordPress Website. When we choose some WordPress themes or plugins, we may see that they will have some requirements on the PHP version and parameters. How do you know if your PHP configuration meets these requirements?

Many website developers don’t really know how to view the PHP information of the server host. In fact, almost all host companies now provide related information for PHP. Generally, you can find it in the host management interface.

If your hosting company supports PHP so you can see PHP information by login Cpanel. After login go to your PHPMyAdmin. And Here you can find all the information about PHP. But be careful don’t delete anything or edit here. Otherwise, you can feel problem. But I am going to show you the best way.

Php iinformation
PHP information

But what if you don’t really find the information? In fact, it is very simple, upload a small file yourself to view it, let’s do it together!

Step 1: Create a PHP file named phpinfo.php and add the following code inside:

<?php phpinfo(); ?> 

You can open Notepad or any editor and paste this code then save phpinfo.php

Step 2: Upload the phpinfo.php file to the root directory where your website is located via a file manager tool such as FTP. Or you can go to Cpanel and browse the file manager and upload this file.

Step 3: Go to browser and Visit to replace with your real website domain name), you can see the page full information you need.

Important Notice: Do not keep this phpinfo.php file in the website directory, delete it in time! Otherwise, the host information could be leaked, which will bring security risks!

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