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As WordPress becomes the most popular content management system, there will always be users looking for a WordPress developer to help enhance their website and businesses. As a WordPress developer, you can monetize your work or share your work for free.

How to become a qualified WordPress developer
How to become a qualified WordPress developer

No matter what you want to do with WordPress, you must first understand the basics in this area. Today, I will tell you what you can develop with WordPress, what you need to learn to become a qualified WordPress developer, and how to make money with WordPress.

What can you develop based on WordPress?

Developers can change the look of the site, modify core behavior, adjust the admin panel, or create entirely new user profile pages. In other words, you can decide your development scope based on your knowledge and willingness to learn.

Here are the types of projects most commonly developed by WordPress developers:

1.WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme defines the layout and style of a WordPress website. It is responsible for the overall look and feel of the site. A WordPress theme is a combination of multiple elements and languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery.

It is no exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes on the market, whether they are paid or free. However, there is still a relatively large demand for WordPress themes. Also, creating free themes for your WordPress repository is a great way to increase your visibility as a developer.

Currently, creating responsive WordPress themes is a trend for developers. With a smooth workflow of grid systems, image usage, and CSS media queries, a WordPress website with a responsive theme looks great on any device, including phones, tablets, monitors, or large screens.

You can create themes from scratch or use intro themes like underscores. It is basically a “blank canvas” type theme with minimal layout and basic elements that you can improvise, and it is fully compliant with WordPress theme specifications. Of course, the default themes that come with WordPress programs are also very good reference objects for getting started.

2.WordPress plugin

Currently, the official WordPress plugin library has more than 54,000 plugins. This is one of the most sought after and used reasons for WordPress.

Plugins allow you to modify the behavior of WordPress without touching the core codeUsers can also add a lot of extra features to their website with little or no programming knowledge.

WordPress hooks are heavily used when creating plugins. It is a technology that allows applications to run functions or classes automatically. There are two types of hooks-actions and filters. You need to master both of them to create an effective plugin.

3. WordPress Widgets

Widgets are web components that are often added to websites to provide additional content and functionality. They can be used to access certain pages or sections of the website (such as sidebars, footers, etc.) and provide a quick way to add specific features.

WordPress comes with a default Widgets, which can be viewed by clicking the Appearance-> Widgets in the Dashboard of the website. Many WordPress themes or plugins also provide widgets with specific features to enhance the purpose of the theme or plugin.

Just like creating plugins, making WordPress widgets requires enough PHP knowledge. You can start by accessing the functions.php file on the current theme and then use the combination of features provided on the WP Widget class to build the Widgets.

4.WordPress development A-Z:

Designing and developing an entire WordPress website means that you will combine themes, plugins, widgets, and custom code (SASS, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP) to create unique websites based on customer (or personal) needs. This is what we usually call the custom development of WordPress websites.

Although there are many WordPress themes and plugins on the market that can be used directly. The market demand for creating personalized websites by hiring WordPress developers is still high.

However, building an entire website requires not only technical skills such as writing lines of code, but also innovation, understanding the basic principles of UI / UX design, and using reliable resources.

5. Developing Applications via Rest API

A web application is a functional dynamic webpage that can be run through a web server and can be accessed through a web browser. As long as the browser is compatible, this program will work on any operating system or device.

Unlike websites, web applications have more useful features. Although websites are usually static, web applications work interactively. You should have heard of some applications in this area, such as Whatsapp Mini Programs, WeChat Mini Programs, App Applications, etc.

Since 2015, WordPress has integrated its core files with a standalone REST API . This communication architecture acts as a “bridge”, connecting the core of WordPress with any application available on the webserver.

By mastering the key concepts of the REST API, you will be able to create a web application using WordPress.

What knowledge do you need to become a WordPress developer?

The core of WordPress is built using standard web coding languages PHP and MYSQL. The front-end page is a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX. Let’s introduce it briefly:

HTML (preferably HTML5)


For smooth user experience, you need to implement an effective Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It ensures that your page will fit any web browser. If your code is invalid, the browser will misunderstand your code and display some pages not fully.

Currently, HTML5 is the latest version of this Hypertext markup language(HTML). Compared with the previous version (HTML4), it has many significant advantages, such as video and audio support, JavaScript compatibility, and a lot of new elements, such as footer, header, sidebar, navbar, etc.

In simple terms, HTML is the basic component of a web page. All text and pictures on the web page are output through HTML. This is the importance of HTML.

CSS (preferably CSS3)

Css for developer

Cascading style sheets (CSS) is used to style pages and their content. It determines how HTML elements are displayed on the screen. This style sheet language allows you to quickly make major style changes across your website.

CSS has a feature called “Media Query” that allows you to define how each part of a page behaves at a specific screen size. This feature is one of the most important parts of creating a responsive website-the website adapts to the visitor’s device.

Just like other languages, CSS has its own syntax. The syntax contains only two elements: a selector and a declaration block. A selector block is used to select the part of HTML to be styled, while a declaration block defines the style to use for each selected part.

Currently, CSS3 is the latest cascading style sheet available. As a comparison to CSS2, CSS3 brings many new features, including new layouts, flexible grids, more text effects, and multi-column layouts.


Javascript for webdeveloper

JavaScript (commonly referred to as js) is a web scripting language used for website development. It allows you to change and manipulate the behavior of the content on the page. For example, if you only want to display text after the user press a button, you can use JavaScript to do it.

This language can convert static HTML into interactive web pages. You can embed the script in the HTML file of the page, and it will run automatically when you visit the page. Moreover, it is fully integrated with CSS files.

JavaScript relies on a web browser to perform functions. Unless you use Node.js or other frameworks. it cannot run outside the browser environment, such as database management, mobile applications, and robot programming.


Jquery for web developer
Jquery for wordpress developer

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library . The program allows you to use multiple functions at once. which simplifies the way you manipulate or change web pages with JavaScript . The code will be “cleaner” and easier to read.

When you need to create a lot of JavaScript coding, learning jQuery will save you a lot of time. The jQuery library provides various functions to simplify this process, such as hiding specific parts of HTML elements, creating animations, manipulating CSS, and creating sliding effects on HTML.


Ajax for web developer

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology that can send or receive data without completely reloading the page. This means you can change the content of the page without reloading.

For example, if you want to create a real-time search and the results will be displayed below the search box, you can use AJAX to send the search data to a search script, return the results and display it without having to refresh the entire page.

WordPress uses AJAX in many places in the background. For example, when users write articles, the WordPress system uses AJAX to automatically save drafts without your attention. In this way, the risk of data loss during writing can be greatly reduced.

Developers can run AJAX using JavaScript or jQuery. However, jQuery is recommended because it is simpler and clearer.


Php for wordpress developer
Php language for wordpress developer

PHP is a powerful scripting language for web development. It works by performing tasks in the server and then sending back requests in HTML. In other words, PHP is responsible for retrieving data on the back end, while HTML is used for output results on the front end .

WordPress core is built on PHP and MySQL. PHP is very flexible to use because it is compatible with most servers and runs on almost all operating systems.


Wordpress Developer mysql

MySQL is a database management system that stores all information about your WordPress websiteThe information inside the database is retrieved dynamically using PHP. The actual content of each page and article on a WordPress site is stored here.

WordPress provides a set of PHP functions that can safely interact with the WordPress database and run it through the appropriate functions. Some functions use standard SQL statements, while others use information arrays.

  In fact, for most of the basic development of WordPress (themes,  plugins, etc.), 
you don't necessarily need to directly operate the MYSQL database,
because WordPress itself provides many functions with various
functions so that you can obtain various databases directly by using functions Information.
if you need to develop some projects in the future,
you need to have MySQL knowledge when you need to create data tables directly in the database and customize the data of these data tables.
 So when learning WordPress development in the early stage, this knowledge can be learned later. If you want to learn MySQL,
it is recommended to start with the "W3School " course.

How to properly start learning WordPress development?

Maybe after you read the above-mentioned knowledge points, you start to think. “so much knowledge to learn!” Then you may continue to bite the bullet and start learning, but find it boring! How to do?

Learning is a long-term and continuous improvement process. Many people have asked for advice. can I develop a theme or anything after studying it, and start making money? It is advisable to emphasize here that any course does not give proper guidelines to making a project. You have to learn a lot from many websites or videos or people. Any course can only introduce you To improve your development ability, you need to keep practicing.

Therefore, to learn WordPress well, it is recommended that you use WordPress to build a website , which can be used as your own blog. And then use the WordPress default theme as the basic. and constantly use your newly learned knowledge to modify the style and function of this website. To continuously improve yourself in learning and practice, you must constantly apply the knowledge you have learned !

Maybe you want to ask, how long does it take to become an experienced WordPress developer? This question cannot be answered in a general way. Because everyone’s ability to accept knowledge, as well as the learning things and effort and time are different. But according to our knowledge and learning methods, generally, you can start making money in about 1 year, and have a better development ability in more than 2 years. But don’t worry just keep learning.

How to make money with WordPress development?

WordPress is the top-rated web platform. Many individuals and small business owners are looking for developers who can build custom themes with specific features. Earlier in the article we also introduced 5 types of projects that WordPress developers can develop. The knowledge and ability you have determines the projects you can develop, and therefore your income level !

As an introductory developer of WordPress , I recommend to develop some free WordPress themes or free plugins first , and post these free themes and plugins to the official WordPress, or share them with more people through your own blog, and then they will continue to provide you Feedback with some questions and needs. This will stimulate you to continuously improve themes and plugins, and you will continue to learn and demandable knowledge. In this process, what we are pursuing is to improve our skills so that you can earn more income in the future.

As a WordPress developer with some experience, you can start making WordPress paid themes and plugins , and even start some custom development projects for WordPress websites . At this point, you can start making money.

How to receive more WordPress development projects?

To get a WordPress development project, you first need to let others know that you are an experienced WordPress developer. It is generally recommended to promote yourself in the following ways:

  • Set up a WordPress website or blog (this should start during the learning process). Then share knowledge about WordPress website building, not only limited to WordPress but also can be extended to all aspects of website construction.
  • Contribute to some WordPress websites, such as WordPress University, which accepts original and high-quality articles
  • Make some free WordPress themes and plugins, post to WordPress official and other resource websites
  • Make some WordPress paid themes and plugins, and deliver them to major traffic websites, such as Themeforest.
  • Register a company , because many cooperations need to sign a contract and issue an invoice. The shareholder for registering a company is very low these years, and it is also possible to register an individual company.

Whatever the means adopted, it is important to let more potential customers know that you can develop a WordPress site, themes, and plugins for them.

To sum up

It took me an entire morning to write this article, which introduced in more detail what you need to become a qualified WordPress developer, how to learn, how to make money, etc. I hope this article can give some help and inspiration to friends. If you have any questions, welcome to comment below the article.

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