Website speed testing tools

Best Website Speed Testing Tools: GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom, WebPageTest

Website Speed Testing Tools is one of the ways to know about the speed of your site. Website speed is one of the parameters that determine the SEO ranking of your website. In addition to search engine optimisation (SEO), website...
Search Engine Optimization

How to Get Google to Quickly Index Your New Website

Google index a website based on some factors. Different search engines have their preferences, which affect the indexing of the website. Google also has its own set of algorithms and rules. Following these rules...

What is an XML Sitemaps? Why it’s Important for Your Website?(Details)

A useful XML sitemaps can be used as a route map for your website, guiding Google to visit all your relevant pages. XML sitemaps can be used well for search engine optimization because they allow Google to...
Submit Wordpress site on Google

3 Ways to Submit Your WordPress Site on Google Search Console

Maybe you have never realized there are three ways to submit your Wordpress site on Google Search Console. However, Today we will show you how to submit your Wordpress site on Google easily. Note: At...
Website is in blacklist

How to Check And What to do if Your Website is Blacklisted

On the Internet, credibility is everything. When your website is blacklisted, visitors will have a good reason to refuse access to your site. Because if visitors can't trust your website, they won't take a...

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