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After installing a new theme, You may want to delete the older WordPress theme. You no need to become an expert for doing this easy task. But it requires some skills because the procedure does not always go without problems, how to avoid and do it right, read on.

Should I delete Unused WordPress Theme?

There are some main reasons to delete unused WordPress Theme. The reasons are below:

They occupy someplace on the hosting that increases the backup size and slows down your website. In most cases, Themes do not take much space. But in some cases, a theme can occupy 100 MB each, and such a waste of disk space on the server is not permissible

Outdated patterns: Over time, files become obsolete and their code is the same. Outdated code gives security holes, even if it is inactive, and allows hackers to hack the Site.

Malfunctions: After installing a new template, glitches with WordPress are possible. Even if you disable it, the problem may not disappear, only complete erasure will help.

As we said A WordPress theme can take 100 MB space on your hosting and slow down your website. No one wants to see a slow website. People are so busy this world and the internet is full of information. When they found a slow website, quickly they back to find other website.

As per Google, most Sites lose their readers significantly while loading sites. To hold visitors, your site must load quicker even on cell phones. You can test your webpage’s speed with Google’s Test My Site device and get proposals for improving site execution over all gadgets. Then you can read our guide to improve the page speed.

Note: If there is a template that is constantly updated and supported by developers, or purchased and you do not want to lose, then you can leave it.

Preparation to Delete a theme:

Before delete any theme or changing any core file make sure some things.

  • Backup your site: If you delete anything important then you can easily back to normal by uploading the backup file.
  • Make sure which you want to delete.

How to Delete WordPress theme from Admin Panel?

This is the most straightforward process to delete the WordPress theme. All you have to do is go to your WordPress site admin panel and find out the installed theme. The process is below.

From dashboard Appearance> Themes here you can find all installed themes.

Wordpress theme
WordPress default theme

If you need to delete a theme that is currently active and displayed on the site, you first need to install and activate another theme.

But if not active, then go to the next step. The thumbnail shows the theme to be deleted, click on the theme that you want to delete. Always active theme is the first one. And you can see there has written active. So without the active theme you can delete other.

Delete WordPress theme

In the lower right corner there will be a red link with the inscription Delete, click it. A pop-up window will appear and give a message. If you really want to delete the theme then click “ok” to remove the theme forever.

You have to delete theme one by one. You can’t delete all theme together.

On this, the standard procedure is completed, we proceed to a more complex method.

Remove WordPress Theme via FTP

The advantage of WordPress is that it is easy to completely remove an unnecessary theme via FTP, at the root of the site go to wp-content> themes. You can find the folder with the theme name, right-click and select Delete in the menu.

The process will start, wait a while and the template folder will disappear.

Remove WordPress Theme Via File Manager

There is a another way to delete WordPress theme. Go to your website Cpanel then File manager and from your site root folder wp-content> themes. Now you can delete the theme you want. It will completely delete your theme.

If I delete my necessary theme?

After deleting any theme if you want to again install that theme then you can upload your backup file. It is the easiest way to get back everything.

But If you don’t backup then you can download the actual theme and install again. After deleting there is no way to get back without backup. But if you delete from file manager, sometimes you can find in the trash folder but if you not delete permanently.

However, If you use any premium theme or without default theme then you should keep at least one default theme. Because if anything happen then you can use default theme. And it is recommended to keep a default theme.

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