Wordpress Comments Management

WordPress has a comments management feature that gives you the chance to interact with your readers. The comment is a very important feature for blog type websites. Because there are so many people who want to share their opinion or question with you.

In this article, I will show you how to enable or disable a port or page for comment. How to comment. Then how to approve, approve, delete or reply comment. And how to set an avatar for a comment.

1: How to enable or disable a post comment

You can see this blog all post has enabled to comment. But if you wish you can disable comment for a post.

Go to Posts>Add new or open an article that you want to disable comment.

Comment management

Click Discussion on the right side.

Disable comment
Allow comments

I already have set all my posts can comment on anyone. Now if you uncheck “Allow Comments” then no one can comment on this post. Try it yourself.

2: How to Enable or disable WordPress comments on the page

When you will create a page you can set whether people can comment or not. By default, Comment is disabled for the page. But you can enable it.

Go to Pages>Add New or open your page that you want to enable comment.

Enable comments in page
Page comments

On the right side Discussion then you can check “Allow Comments” for enabling comments on this page.

3: How to manage WordPress comments?

By default, When someone will comment on a post of page, it will be pending to approve. All comments should approve manually. Open Comments from Dashboard/Admin panel.

Comments management
  • Approve: You can approve the Feedback to show
  • Reply: As a moderator, you can reply to your view of the comments
  • Edit: If you want, you can edit the comment then publish
  • Spam: Mark as spam this comment
  • Trash: Delete the comment

This is the basis of the comment. You can see the reader’s email address, name, and Ip address also. Even you can block an IP address for comment. I will show you later how to block IP addresses for comments.

4: All Important WordPress comments Settings:

Go to Settings>Discussion

Discussion settings
Discussion settings

From the “Default Post Setting“, You can disable comments for all new posts. Remember it won’t affect the published post.

What information you want from a reader, You can set. Do you want only registered members can comment on the post?

Even you can set comments that will be deleted after 14 days. But don’t do it. Because it will discourage readers from commenting.

Wordpress comments
Comment moderation

I told you by default, All comments should be approved manually. If you wish not to check any comment you can uncheck “Before a comment appears” section. Then all comments will be published automatically.

The above picture you can see has a field where you can set all the words that you want moderate for comment. You have to set word, IP address, name or email address one per line.

5: Block Ip address And words:

Block Ip address or words
Block IP address

In this field, you set all bad words and IP addresses and others that you want to mark as spam. Then if anyone comments with the word or from that email or Ip address then the comment will be trashed automatically.

wordpress avatar

Last but not least, You can set a default avatar for the commenter. But if they have set an avatar already then It won’t be work. But you should do it.

Feedback is an essential thing to know readers’ opinions about the website and article.

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